Leather Cleaning

Leather cleaning done properly not only prevents it from becoming dirty and faded, but it can also help it to retain its feel and texture.

Leather Couches are a popular leather piece of furniture exposed to regular use, becoming dull and dirty over time unless properly cleaned.

Leather can be a durable material so cleaning it can be tricky and complicated. Using incorrect cleaning products or cleaning methods can cause unintended damage to a piece of leather furniture.

Sharyn and her team from Leather Care Melbourne have the knowledge and skill-set to ensure that will never happen.

Leather Care Melbourne is up to date on all the latest methods for cleaning leather so that dirt, oil, and other substances that have the potential to damage the surface are removed properly.

Our motto is “anything is possible”. Whatever the enquiry, our creative team will work with your input to propose a solution tailored to your specific requirements, considering all contributory factors i.e. usage environment, budget, timescales etc.

White leather armchair cleaning, before and after.

Leather Couch & Lounge Cleaning

Our specially developed leather upholstery cleaning service is appropriate for all type of leather seats. We sanitise and refresh:

  • Couches
  • Lounges
  • Sofas
  • Divans
  • Settees

We take care of your leather in the most delicate and sophisticated way with innovative cleaning methods and tools. The detergents used contain no chemicals or toxins and keep the normal pH level of the leather. This allows the beautiful and luxurious shine of your furniture to be brought back.

Our team of professional cleaners are equipped with all the necessary tools and detergents they need to get the job done!

Leather Furniture Cleaning

Do not hesitate to rely on us for all the leather furniture you have at home. Whether it is a stool, a set of dining or office chairs, we are here for you. We will give them a nice cleaning with organic and nice-smelling detergents. We apply dry foaming product and steam cleaning method. With them, we fully eliminate the bacteria and get rid of any spots and dust. the well-trained cleaners handle all types of stains.

You can entrust your expensive armchairs to us and we will revive them in no time. Our prices are always affordable and competitive.

Leather Car Interior Cleaning

Last, but not least, we also provide the modern leather car interior cleaning service. It is the newest type of service we provide and up to now, it has gained a lot of new customers for our company. It makes it easy for any car owner to keep the seats in top condition. All without investing in suspicious detergents that in most cases ruin the look of the car. We remove dust, dirt, germs and stains no matter what their source is.

The cleaners will arrive at your place or where your car is usually parked. The rest is 100% disinfection and refreshment.

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