Leather Couch Cleaning

Leather couches remain a popular choice for home furnishings due to a variety of reasons—durability, elegance, and class are just a few that come to mind. But despite its extreme durability, leather requires regular maintenance using professional cleaning products to preserve its natural texture and shine.

Keep Your Leather Couch Pristine with Professional Cleaning.

The shiny, supple finish of leather—the quality that gives it that luxurious appeal—is, unfortunately, the same reason the material is more prone to everyday wear than regular fabrics.

From body oils and perspiration to accidental spills, dyes and inks from clothes and newspapers to untrained pets’ claws, there are plenty of reasons your leather couch could lose its lustre without proper care.

Rather than causing further damage with unsuitable cleaning products or cleaning methods, it’s best to engage professional cleaning services with the expertise and skills to ensure the best results.

Why Choose Leather Care Melbourne?

Specialist Leather Upholstery Cleaning Services

Leather Care Melbourne offers a range of specialist leather upholstery cleaning services for all types of leather couches, lounges, sofas, divans, and settees.

Tailored Solutions

Whatever the extent of damage or degree of complexity, our dedicated team will work with you to assess your needs. We’ll propose solutions tailored to your specific requirements, usage environment, budget, and timeframe. Rest assured that we’ll find the best solution that caters to your needs.

Innovative Cleaning Products & Techniques

Leather Care Melbourne has developed a highly specialised proprietary product line besides pioneering innovative repair techniques and an exclusive colour matching technology to deliver exceptional results.

We use the best quality detergents that are free of chemicals and toxins to maintain the leather’s normal pH levels in order to revive its natural beauty and luxurious shine.

Complete Range of Leather Care Services

Leather Care Melbourne offers a complete range of professional leather care services from leather cleaning to leather repair, leather restoration to leather protection.

The Leather Care Specialists in Melbourne

Leather Care Melbourne is a family business committed to providing the highest quality leather care products and services, and one of the industry’s leading leather care specialists in Melbourne.

We are a mobile service franchise specialising in the repair, restoration, and renewal of leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric, and upholstery. Leather Care Melbourne provides professional leather cleaning, restoration, and repair across all suburbs of Melbourne city.

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