Leather Protection

Leather Protection

“A simple protection product service can protect client’s investment more than anything else."

Leather Needs protection the same way that textiles need protection. Not only will it help reduce any stains, but some protectors also have UV protection added to them for extra safety measures. The UV protection will not keep the leather from eventually fading in places of direct sunlight, but it will prolong the process and ensure that fading is not as rapid.

Thorough decreasing of leather seats & other leather appendages (gear knobs, bolsters, steering wheels, etc.) using Colour lock Leather Cleaning Spirit ensuring all residues of old leather products, sun creams, skin oils are removed.

Thorough cleaning of leather interior with pH-neutral Colour lock Mild Leather Cleaner using soft applicator pad & if necessary worked with soft Colour lock Leather Brush.

Colour lock Leather Shield applied to keep leather supple, protecting from UV fade, staining, dye transference & to add abrasion resistance.

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