Leather Recolouring & Redyeing

Leather Dyeing

Eventually all leather will get to the point where a new colour finish will be required.  M.C.D. technicians can recolour leather goods including domestic furnishings, automotive trim and seating.

Whatever your situation, be it commercial or private, Melbourne Carpet Dyeing & Leather Restoration can work on your leather goods.

Faded, stained & even damaged leather can be recoloured. Our recolouring technique is a protective coating that bonds to the leather surface like a second skin; it flexes and stretches with the leather. Recoloured leather can be cleaned easily, resists fading, water and wear.

Designer & Custom Colours

Whether you have green, black, white or even PINK leather we can completely change that leather to your preferred colour. This finish is found on 75% of new leather furniture. The leather with this colour coating is called protected, pigmented, or coated leather. Colours can be custom-mixed to match most leather or paint colours. We can reproduce solid colour, or a richer 2-tone look or maybe you require a distressed or patina effect? All this can be created by the technicians of M.C.D.

Don’t forget that surface sheen that comes from the clear top coating, and can be satin, glossy or matte. The colour can be touched up or coloured over at any time to maintain a fresh look.

How can I fix the colour on my leather couch?

After years of colour-matching leather dyes, MCD have built up an extensive knowledge of genuine car leather colours and furniture leather colours.
We come to you on site and colour match your problem areas. We then mix up the correct dye for you and provide you with training & directions insuring you know the correct process.

Using a M.C.D Kit can save you money on the repair of your leather items and the knowledge that you have learned can be used further down the track

Do we guarantee our leather dyes?

Yes, defiantly. Please contact us at the first sign of any fading or issues you find.
If a small accident does happen we usually cover it at a minimal cost to re-mix the colour.

Ultimately the longevity of the service depends on how the furniture is being used and cared for.

How do I take care of my leather furniture after the service?

Simply wipe them down with warm water and a small squirt of morning fresh dishwashing liquid every 4-6 months with very light pressure and let dry.

Conditioning of the leather is most important and we can provide you with a conditioning treatment

Here are the advantages of Leather Dyeing:

  • Permanent Finish That Out Lasts the Original
  • Guaranteed Work
  • Will Not Rub off onto Clothing or Anything that Comes Into Contact
  • Water Based – No Fumes or Hazardous Materials to Work With
  • We can dye other leather items apart from furniture.
    • Hand Bags
    • Shoes
    • Jackets
    • Horse Saddles
    • Motorbike Saddlebags

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