Leather Restoration

Leather Restoration

Leather Care Melbourne expert technicians that restore damaged items to like-new condition while providing significant cost savings versus replacement; sometimes as much as a 90% savings.

In addition to delivering dramatic results, Melbourne Leather Dyeing & Restoration offers convenience by performing all repairs on-site at your home, office, restaurant, body shop or car dealership.We repair your leather on cars, sofas, aircraft and classic cars. We also clean interior and exterior leather, vinyl, and fabric on motorboats, yachts and sailing boats, at a time that suits you.

Restoring General Wear on Leather and Vinyl

General wear & tear on leather & vinyl such as stains, scuffs, scratches and colour loss can be caused in all kinds of ways such as jeans with metal pins, sun damage, heavy sharp objects, damage from moving an item or just wearing.

This can be easily repaired depending on the type of leather it is. If the leather is protected, scuffs normally just damage the coated surface leaving the leather underneath showing through, which can be quite noticeable on any colour item.

If the leather is Aniline, Natural or Nubuck the repair is a lot harder to deal with.

Scuffs and colour loss have to be treated individually to re-shape the surface using a variety of methods. Once the surface has been repaired the area may need to be re-coloured to provide a hard wearing repair that looks and lasts like new.

How can I make a leather sofa shine again?

Yes, this service you can perform yourself. Leather couches are a luxurious addition to your home. They have a soft sheen that invites you to sit down and sink into comfort. Some furniture is intentionally unpolished leather, scuffed, most leather couches are made from supple, polished hides. Maintaining your furniture’s shine is easy and inexpensive.

We can supply conditioning and finishes for any leather in Matte, Satin and/or high gloss.

Leather Couch Repair

We can repair leather lounges and chairs that have been torn, worn, ripped, faded, is chewed by a dog, or covered in cat scratches. Problems such as burns, stains, holes, and cuts can also be renewed. If you’re looking to change the colour of your leather furniture, turn to our expert re-colouring services.

Repairing Cracked Leather

Leather is a natural product and can fade, crack and dry out but as long as the hide hasn’t been cut or ripped, it’s simple to revive.

The main problem with most old leather is lack of moisture that can aid in creating cracks in your favourite armchair.
We can restore the suppleness & strengthen the fibres surrounding the cracks that are still intact, and help the rest of the scar to blend in naturally with the rest of the leather through our techniques

How do I fix a cracked leather couch?

Cracked and worn leather is usually fixable. We can come to your home to fix your furniture or you could organise a courier to drop it off to our workshop. You can also fix your damaged furniture for much less with a leather repair kit supplied by us.

We come to you on site and asses your problem areas. We then mix up the correct dye (if needed) and leather repair compound for you and provide you with training & directions insuring you know the correct process.

Leather Car Seat Repairs

Leather car seat repair & restoration includes leather or vinyl that has become worn over time. This can occur on everything from car seats, boat seats, aircraft seats, bar stools and all kinds of other leather furniture. Wearing is something that is quite common with protected leather where the protected surface has had excessive use and has lost its coated surface.

Worn leather or vinyl can include everything from just a slight loss of colour to cracking, splits and even holes. All of these things can be rectified and the repair really depends on the type of damage. If there is just colour loss to the item it can usually be solved by simply restoring the surface by re-colouring the item.

If cracks have started to appear then we will repair the damage, secure it and then re-colour the area providing a permanent repair that looks like new.

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